Stronger Together: A Group for Adolescent Girls

Stronger Together: A group for adolescent girls

Lori HolthFacilitated by Lori Holth, PsyD

Thursdays, 6–7pm
beginning December 6th

$25 per session
+ $25 initial interview (required)

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia, Main Office
1814 Clairmont Road • Decatur, GA 30033

This group is for you if you:

  • Struggle with issues of self-esteem
  • Fear you don’t fit in
  • Feel like no one understands you
  • Experience peer pressure or bullying
  • Have relationship drama
  • Are stressed about school
  • Feel down or unmotivated
  • Have hurt yourself or thought about it

By participating in this group you will:

  • Understand that you are not alone
  • Learn better ways to cope with stress
  • Gain skills in expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • Be accepted and appreciated

Dr. Holth will also provide education on such topics as sex, sexuality, alcohol and drug use, abuse and trauma, and what to do if you are worried that someone is hurting you or someone you know. We will also address planning for the future, college or career, and any other topic that members would like to talk more about.

For more info contact Dr. Holth at / 404-636-1457 x420.

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Stronger Together: A Group for Adolescent Girls