Soul Shop Suicide Prevention Training

a one-day workshop specifically for clergy, church staff, lay ministers, and counselors

Soul Shop Suicide Prevention Training

March 21, 2017 • 8:30 AM–4:00 PM

First Christian Church of Atlanta
4532 Lavista Rd, Tucker, GA 30084

(easily accessible off I-285 at Lavista exit on the east side of Atlanta)

Regular Cost: $50/Student Cost $25
Registration includes lunch provided by CCCG

Rev. Michelle Snyder, director of Soul Shop

Rev. Michelle Snyder

Michelle has dual training in mental health (Masters in Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and theology (Masters in Divinity). She is the co-author of Life, Death, and Reinvention: The Gift of the Impossibly Messed-Up Life, a book on the process of transformation for those who come to the other side of suicidal desperation. She has worked closely with the Soul Shop creator Russ Crabtree. Russ pastored a suburban church where three students died by suicide in a seven-month period. Later, he went through his own dark night of suicidal desperation, emerging on the other side with a new sense of self.

The Workshop

Morning Session:
You Can Save a Life!

We explore the question, “should we talk about suicide,” and discover that people dealing with suicide actually want to talk about it. We look at the incidence of suicide, self injuries, suicidal thinking, and people impacted by the death of another. Finally, we offer a simple conversational approach to talking about suicide that can save lives.

Afternoon Session:
You Can Create Soul-Safe Communities!

We learn how to make ministry to those dealing with suicidal desperation an aspect of all that the church does. We do a quick review of Biblical texts and make suggestions for preaching. We practice writing pastoral prayers and pray them together. We learn concrete ways of integrating suicide prevention into our pastoral care, teaching and training.

In Soul Shop You Will…

  • Explore the greatest myth regarding suicidal desperation.
  • Learn how to talk about suicide.
  • Explore the hidden impact of suicidal desperation on faith communities.
  • Take a second look at what the Bible has to say about suicide and suicidal thinking.
  • Learn how to make ministry to the desperate and those who love them am regular aspect of your preaching, teaching and pastoral care.
  • Think about making your church a community where people navigating the dangerous passages of life find a place where they can reinvent their lives.