Bipolar Disorder

Achieve Balance

Bipolar Disorder Psychoeducation Group

Mondays 12–1:15pm • Wednesdays 6–7:15pm

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia
1814 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033
Room 110 on Mondays • Room 109 on Wednesdays

  • Do you find yourself with increased energy and less need for sleep or unable to sleep for nights at a time?
  • Do you have excessive energy for no explainable reason?
  • Do you find yourself oscillating between emotional highs and lows feeling “normal” in between these periods?
  • Do you find yourself overly happy and energized followed by periods of sadness?
  • Do you find yourself engaged in behaviors during your emotional highs that are abnormal for you or reckless such as gambling, excessive shopping or promiscuous sex?
  • Have you experienced rapid speech and poor concentration during periods of excessive energy?
  • Have you experienced periods of depression followed by feeling normal only to feel depressed again?

If you’ve experienced some of these symptoms, this group may be for you!


  • Coordinated care with your individual therapist and psychiatrist
  • New skill acquisition or strengthened skills such as mindfulness
  • Emotional regulation
  • More manageable life
  • Less chaotic relationships
  • Support from those who understand your life experience in a non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Overall improved well-being

Cost: $35 per session

For more information or to participate, contact
Fonta High, LPC, NCC, MAC
fhigh@cccgeorgia.org404-636-1457 ext 417