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Resonance Engaging

Engaging ~ Supervision and Specialization

  • Sessions are the second Saturday of each month, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.
  • The transition from “Becoming” to “Engaging” includes a time of discernment. It is expected that students will spend personal and group time to determine if they feel led to continue in this work.
  • It is expected that students in the final year will be performing direction with their own directees.
  • While “Becoming” focused on preparation, “Engaging” focuses on the supervision process, and honing the skills of Spiritual Direction experientially.
  • This final year will also provide opportunity for students to specialize with a specified population or paradigm (e.g. Refugee clients, young adults, people in addiction recovery). “Engaging” will create a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to value the voices and experience of peers.
  • All students in “Engaging” will continue their relationship with their own Spiritual Director.
  • Students will work in a recurring small group, supervised by a Certified Spiritual Director.
  • Students will be asked to read/view assigned material in between sessions.
  • Each student will complete a monthly reflection paper, evaluating their experience with their own directees.

Upon completing the three-year program of group spiritual direction, academic learning, and supervised experience, students will earn a certificate in “Spiritual Direction”.

As Resonance develops, we hope to create alumni networks to continue to build the practice of Spiritual Direction in Atlanta and beyond. It is our ambition to work alongside faith-based organizations as a resource for spiritual support in the community.