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Resonance Exploring

Exploring ~ Group Spiritual Direction

  • Everyone begins in “Exploring,” group spiritual direction.
  • Sessions are the second Saturday of each month, from 9:00 am – noon. (See specific dates below)
  • There is no requirement to continue past this first year, so it is a comfortable introduction to the direction experience without a commitment to the full program.
  • All students in “Exploring” are asked to have a relationship with their own Spiritual Director.  We can help connect you with the best directors in Atlanta. (Your Director may charge for this service.)
  • Students will be part of a recurring small group, no larger than 10, to facilitate trusting relationships and time for meaningful interaction.
  • Students will be asked to read/view assigned material in between sessions.
  • Students will complete a Spiritual Narrative project, sharing their own journey of coming to know themselves in the context of their faith construct

Dates and Topics for the Inaugural Cohort


September 9 – Beginning

  • Introduction to program and one another
  • Review curriculum for the year, policies and procedures, expectation
  • Create agreements and sacred space
  • Define individual goals and commitments

October 14 – Something Greater

  • Spiritual Direction – History, benefits, finding your own Director
  • Defining the “God” of our understanding
  • The names of God
  • Traditional faith descriptions
  • Non-traditional descriptions

November 11 – Discernment / Dark Night of the Soul

  • Listening to the voice
  • Traditional method (e.g. Ignatian) and non-traditional methods
  • Defining and exploring the “dark night”

December 9 – Practice

  • Doing that becomes being
  • Prayer (cataphatic, apophatic – centering)
  • Meditation
  • Lectio / midrash /audio divina
  • Body praxis (yoga, breath work, walking meditation)


January 13 – Expression

  • Creativity as Spirit
  • Visual art, poetry, music, film, making

February 10 – Value

  • Who does Godde say you are?
  • Traditional theology
  • Non-traditional understandings
  • Identities in context: women, LGBTQ, racial identity

March 10 – Faith in the world

  • How does my faith live out?
  • Social Justice / activism / “The other”
  • Practical values
  • Day to day life

April 14 – Wisdom

  • Who and what deepens your connection?
  • The Perennial Tradition

May 12 – Closure

  • Ritual and closure
  • Preparation for “Becoming”, spiritual director certification