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Resonance is Care and Counseling Center of Georgia’s training program, enabling participants to earn a Certificate in “Practice of Spiritual Direction.” The second cohort begins September 2018.

The three-year program includes:

  • Exploring: Group spiritual direction
  • Becoming: Academic skills building
  • Engaging: Supervision and specialization

Resonance Meet & Greet Introductory Session

Saturday, May 12 • 1:00–2:00 pm

2017 Cohort
2017 Cohort
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Meet the Director, Debonee Morgan, and 2017 Cohort students to learn more about the program. The hour will include a brief presentation, and Q&A.
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What exactly is
Spiritual Direction?

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We believe the growth of faith and spiritual attention will take place not only in organized religion, but in individual relationships and building small communities of commitment and understanding. Spiritual Direction has the potential to foster this development, especially if we strive to focus on inclusion, social awareness, and cultivating consciousness. Some are calling it a “Contemplative Reformation”, and we are excited about the future moving toward unity and real personal deepening.

Our mission at Resonance is to lead the way with fresh curriculum and an integrated interfaith approach, encouraging participants to grow in skills, and their own spiritual connection.


Resonance is a three year program, culminating in a certificate in “Practice of Spiritual Direction”. Participants will spend the first year “Exploring” in group spiritual direction and formation. The second year, “Becoming” is more academic, focused on building the skills for conducting spiritual direction. The third year, “Engaging” is about supervision and specialization.

Resonance is proud to be one of the few interfaith training programs, including participants who range from ordained Christian ministers to Buddhists, Jewish folks, Native traditions and a handful of “I’m not sure what label fits” spiritual seekers. All are welcome, and we believe the diversity helps everyone strengthen the roots of their own traditions and expand their compassion and understanding for others.

We encourage students to enrich their growth by attending events with partner organizations such as Neshama, Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, Interfaith Community Initiatives, Mary and Martha’s Place, Spiritual Directors of Atlanta, Cup of Wisdom, and others. This creates an opportunity for social time together, and community involvement.


Am I right for this program?

Sometimes people have an idea of what a “spiritual person” might look like. We at Resonance are looking to expand the possibilities of that picture. Historically, Spiritual Direction has attracted many Directors and Directees who are fortunate to enjoy privileges such as race, class and gender. Respecting our rich history, Resonance also seeks to attract broader diversity and inclusivity in the students we train, as well as communities we serve.

    Yin and Yang

  • Racial/ethnic diversity
  • Faith diversity and expression
  • Sexual and gender diversity
  • People in recovery
  • Differently abled
  • Young contemplatives

Grow Broad and Deep

  • If you have ever felt a call to deepen your own spiritual journey, and to help others along their way, Resonance may be a good fit for you.
  • If you’ve ever felt like your background or experience may have excluded you from an organized or formal faith expression or community, Resonance may be a safe place to connect and grow.
  • If you’d like to learn with people from a wide variety of perspectives, Resonance may satisfy that yearning for breadth.

Our Director

Debonee Morgan, Certified Spiritual Director, is our Director and principal teacher. She completed her training for certification at Stillpoint Center for Christian Spirituality in Pasadena, California. She was also honored to be a graduate of the inaugural cohort of The Living School at Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation, earning a certificate in Contemplative and Non-Dual Consciousness. Debonee is an active member of Spiritual Directors International, teaching at multiple conferences, and as a contributing writer for their publication, “Presence”.  She is active within Atlanta’s interfaith community, including leading a monthly Interfaith Contemplative group, and conducting workshops for various faith organizations. Debonee is a founding member of Spiritual Directors of Atlanta, and enjoys helping to engage a vibrant community of creative and passionate spiritual companions.