Business Consulting

What is Business Consulting?

  • Business Consultants are generally brought into an organization for a specific purpose or due to their specific area(s) of expertise.
  • Business Consultants may provide valuable assistance at any stage of an organization’s growth: start-up/development, maintenance, transition/ reorganization, or maturity.
  • Business Consultants may be involved in examining an organization’s processes, systems, and practices to provide feedback for opportunities for improvement in efficiency and/or effectiveness Typical tools of the trade include system evaluations, targeted surveys, education (e.g., lunch-and-learns) and group facilitation (e.g., focus groups) around specific topics.

Who can benefit from a Business Consultant?
Any business, regardless of size, product, or mission, that is interested in ways to improve productivity, resource utilization, service delivery, customer service and satisfaction, employee efficiency and satisfaction, or any other business aspect, can benefit from using a Business Consultant.

Professional/Corporate Education and Coaching Is staff productivity where it needs to be? Does workplace “drama” impair employee efficiency? How can you prepare new hires for success?

To deal with the myriad of problems that affect success in the workplace, Care and Counseling Center of Georgia offers several strategies to help businesses improve return on investment for their greatest asset — their employees. The Center offers coaching, consulting, counseling, and testing services to support workforce growth and enhance performance within diverse organizational systems and cultures.

We help your business with:

  • Psychological testing For existing workforce & new employees
  • Drug testing
  • Management consultation and corporate retreats
  • Leadership coaching
  • Stress management counseling
  • Counseling

To learn more about these services or to make an appointment, call our clinical director, Carol Pitts, at 404-636-1457, ext. 406.