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Meet our Intake Coordinator: Sherita Munroe

Sherita Munroe, CCCG Intake CoordinatorAs the new Intake Coordinator at Care and Counseling Center of Georgia, I speak with so many new and interesting people every day. I am proud to help people for a living. I get to help change lives.

Most people would be surprised that I laugh a lot with persons seeking counseling at CCCG. Some individuals are really sad when they call. But I have an ability to balance sensitivity and compassion with “seeing the glass half full.” I also have a secret talent: I am able to hear a smile over the phone. By the end of a call I hear many smiles if not laughter.

I try hard to make everyone feel as if they really matter—because they do. I don’t have a script, and I don’t say the same things to everyone. I get to know the callers as much as possible within the few minutes I have during an intake call.

I’ve learned that I can relate in one way or another to the majority of our clients. I have children who do not always behave like perfect little angels. I have worries and sad times. I have had really bad breakups. I have family members that are not always a joy to be around. I have an “ugly cry” here and there. Most calls give me a flashback to some point in my life when I can say to the caller, “I truly understand.”

I encourage persons by reminding them that making the first call for help is a huge step to getting better. Some persons are embarrassed or ashamed about their situation. Little do they know when they call that they are not alone. I do my best to match callers with counselors who may be a perfect fit for their specific situation. It’s a delicate dance.

I take joy in getting to know the personalities and specialties of all our counselors. All the counselors here at CCCG are amazing! Everyone is so different and unique. There are strong personalities who tell it like it is – reminding me of a mom. There are gentle personalities who give it to you a bit softer, reminding me of a grandmother. Counselors are here from sunup to sundown and beyond. They adjust their schedules to meet those in need. They are dedicated to our clients. Your well-being is what matters most at CCCG.

In the two months since I have joined the CCCG family, I have learned and absorbed so much, not only about mental health but about people. People are strong. Life happens to everyone. Plans change. Unforeseen circumstances take place. Hearts are broken in one way or another. People can face the worst situations imaginable, and they do the best they can to make it through every single day. A great step is calling CCCG.

I’ve always known that mental health issues have no face. I’ve seen men, women, children, families, and couples of all different races, ages, sexual orientations, and religions come through the doors of CCCG. There is no judgment here. There is only care and counseling. That was cheesy right? But I promise it’s true.

So don’t give up, don’t go through it alone. Call a friend, a family member or call me, the intake coordinator at Care and Counseling Center of Georgia.

—Sherita Munroe

Insurance Billing Guidance for Prospective and Current Clients

Greetings from the Insurance/Billing department at Care and Counseling Center of Georgia (CCCG). We are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional customer service experience. We are pleased to accept most insurance.

If you choose to use insurance, the CCCG Billing Specialist will verify your benefits after your initial call to us. Our goal is to complete this process before your first visit so you will know exactly what to pay when you arrive. If you want to know if advance, please call our Billing Specialist at 844-321-1156.

Notify your therapist as soon as possible if your insurance status changes (e.g. new insurance, gap in coverage, or deductible/OOP maximum met.

CCCG requires that payment be made at the time of service. We do not charge for appointments cancelled more than 24 hours in advance. You will be charged a no show fee if you miss an appointment without that notice.

CCCG will regularly send a statement of services and charges to you. If you have any questions about this statement, please call 844-321-1156.

To make a payment, please call 404-636-1457 ext. 505.

If you choose to use insurance, the Billing Office will verify your benefits after your initial call to us. Our goal is to complete this process before your first visit so you will know exactly what to pay when you arrive. If you want to know in advance, please let the us know.