Our mission is offering ministries of “healing, wholeness, and hope and educating others for this service.”

This mission is implemented through offering Clinical Pastoral Education in a variety of educational placement sites/Satellite programs, which reflect the pluralistic, modern and post modern world with its personal, social, organizational, cultural, religious, and spiritual needs.

The Clinical Pastoral Education program is intimately connected to this mission with a commitment to offer relevant, effective, Clinical Pastoral Education through the use of a student-centered, action-reflective, process model of learning. It is committed to providing an environment for learning that emphasizes human growth in pastoral formation, pastoral reflection and pastoral competence. The learning environment at the Institute is relational, fostering mutual respect, openness, challenge, conflict, constructive confrontation and dignity.

Regular reflection in group and individual supervision on actual ministry experiences enables CPE students in learning the art and practice of pastoral care. Among a number of options, students may use this educational experience as:

  • part of basic theological education;
  • continuing education for ministry;
  • education for institutional chaplaincy;
  • education for certification as a Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education; and
  • education for other specialized ministries.