1. What is Clinical Pastoral Education?

2. What do the essential elements of CPE include?

3. What kind of things might be included in the Individual Learning Contract?

4. What are the different types of CPE?

5. What does CPE prepare a person to do?

6. I want to be a chaplain or a pastoral counselor. Do I need CPE?

7. What are some Vocations in Pastoral Care?

8. Who is eligible to enroll in CPE?

9. Do I have to be ordained to do CPE?

10. Where can one enroll in CPE?

11. How may I enroll in CPE?

12. Can I apply to more than one ACPE center?

13. What are the dates for CPE and deadlines for application?

14. What does CPE cost and are scholarships available?

15. I am an international student. How do I enroll in CPE?

16. Can I get academic credit for CPE?

17. Can I get CPE credit for previous work/ministry experience?

18. Can I do CPE on-line or through some other distance learning process?

19. I have a complaint about an ACPE center or an ACPE supervisor. What should I do?

20. How can I become a member of ACPE?

21. Additional Information for Prospective Students:

22. Where will I be ministering?

23. What is a Typical Day in CPE?

24. What is the CPE Learning Environment?

25. More Information