ACPE Supervisors and Associate Supervisors

Jonathan Ball
ACPE Certified Educators
Coordinator of CPE
Northside Hospital
Office: (404) 851-8752
Email: jonathan.ball@northside.com

Marybeth Hayes
ACPE Certified Educators
Director of Chaplaincy and Clinical Pastoral Education
Care and Counseling Center of Georgia
Office: (404) 636-1457 ext 411
Email: mhayes@cccgeorgia.org

Amani Legagneur
ACPE Supervisor
Manager of Chaplaincy Department
Northside Hospital
Office: (404) 851-8075
Email: amani.legagneur@northside.com

Contract Supervisors

Miriam Needham
ACPE Certified Educators
Contract Supervisor for Northside Hospital
Email: maneedham@yahoo.com

Supervisory Education Students

Cristina García-Alfonso
ACPE Certified Educator
Staff Chaplain
Northside Hospital—Gwinnett
Office: (678) 312-6990
Email: calfonso@cccgeorgia.org

Dave Spence
ACPE Certified Educator Candidate
Northside Hospital
Office: (404) 851-8754
Email: dspence@cccgeorgia.org