CPE—Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

About the CPE Program

Who we are:

The Clinical Pastoral Education program focuses on educating and developing the personal and professional competencies of ordained clergy, seminarians, members of professional orders and qualified lay-persons in the community. Our students come from diverse denominations, faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. The Care and Counseling Center of Georgia authorizes CPE residents, interns and Supervisory Education Students to provide pastoral care at four Satellite programs and several affiliated educational clinical placement sites.

A unique CPE program…

The uniqueness of this program can be seen in its diversity of placement sites. The Center has contracts with several major hospitals, hospices and nursing/health centers. Over twenty residents and over twenty five interns at any given time are being contracted by those institutions to provide pastoral care to patients, family members and institution staff. The programs include both full-time and part-time students.


We are located in the Care and Counseling Center of Georgia (CCCG) Main Office at 1814 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033 (click here for map). This building serves as our headquarters and houses a library and several class and group rooms that provide a learning milieu that encourages human growth and establishes dignity.