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Rising Above Unhealthy Coping

transcend   verb
1. rise above or go beyond; exceed
2. exceed in excellence, extent, degree

Thursdays, 6:00–7:00pm

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia—Main Office
1814 Clairmont Road • Decatur, GA 30033

For more information contact Kristy Aspinwall, LPC
(404) 636-1457 ext. 416 or kaspinwall@cccgeorgia.org

Do you use unhealthy coping to get through life? Do you abuse substances? Enter unhealthy relationships? Have a dysfunctional relationship with food? Punish yourself? Overwork, under-sleep, or lead an unbalanced life? Do you find yourself struggling with the daily stressors in your life?…

This group is for you!

Cost: $25

Click image below to download printable flyer

Transcendence flyer