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Substance Use Diagnosis: A Layered Analysis

A Series of 5 Workshops

One Friday a month, 9:00am–12:15pm
August–December, 2017

$40 per workshop

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia—Main Office
1814 Clairmont Rd. • Decatur, GA 30033
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3 CE hours for each workshop

Overall Program Summary

Spirale 1In this series, we will examine the layers to substance use disorders and how we can best care for our clients. We will examine commonly held stereotypes and will challenge assumptions that clinicians and laypeople make in confronting addiction and supporting recovery. We will explore how abusing substances affects a person’s physical and mental health—as well as family and community. We will examine how substances have had a complicated history with spirituality along with the “spiritual bankruptcy” that often occurs as one becomes fully dependent on substances. We will explore a timeline of treatment modalities and educate clinicians on the newest “best practices” along with emerging trends in treatment and their apparent efficacy. Finally, we will educate on various support groups available to clients and the nuances of what each one provides. This educational opportunity will also provide the unique experience of a panel hosting representatives from several major support groups for a Q&A session. This series will provide a full overview of the most significant components a clinician must address when working with clients struggling with SUDs.

August 4

The August 4th workshop is over.
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Debunking Myths about Substance Use and Abuse

Laura Bowman, MD
Kristy Aspinwall, LPC, MAC, CCTP, NCC

Learning Objectives
  1. Understand stereotypes about addiction and their impact on the therapeutic process
  2. Learn about “the new faces of addiction” and the pervasive nature of SUDs in our society
  3. Establish protocols to identify, address, and refer clients for further treatment

September 8

The September 8th workshop is over.
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Working with the Addicted Family System

Janet Fluker, LPC, CPCS

Learning Objectives
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  1. Define the symptoms and behaviors of the family disease
  2. Learn to assess and develop a simple treatment plan for families
  3. Understand the 4 stages of family recovery and the interventions appropriate for each stage
  4. Identify negative counselor attitudes that interfere with family work and how to address them

October 6

The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction

Debonee Morgan, LMFT

Learning Objectives
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  1. Identify and explain the nature of the “paradox of spirituality” in recovery from substance abuse disorders
  2. Understand the connection between the psychology and spirituality of the 12 Steps
  3. Clarify the difference between institutional religious and faith traditions and recovery spirituality
  4. Apply specific interventions with recovering clients to facilitate successful treatment results

November 3

The Changing Face of Addiction and Treatment

Melanie Storrusten, LCSW
Kristy Aspinwall, LPC, MAC, CCTP, NCC

Learning Objectives
  1. Examine treatment modalities used in addictions throughout history
  2. Review and understand current best practices in the treatment of substance use disorders
  3. Explore emerging trends in substance use disorder treatment

December 1

Community Partnerships Panel: Recovery Support Groups

Kristy Aspinwall, LPC, MAC, CCTP, NCC

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify the major community-based support groups
  2. Understand fundamentals of the major support groups and how to refer clients
  3. Gain insights from expert representatives of recovery support groups into the benefits of connecting clients with these various groups

3 core hours of CE credit approved for each workshop from the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work and Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Georgia Addiction Counselors Association provider number applied for. You must be on time and stay for entire event to receive credit.

Workshop Registration

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