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Integrating Spirituality & Psychotherapy

A Series of 6 Workshops

First Fridays, 9:00am–12:15pm
February–July, 2017

$40 per workshop

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia—Main Office
1814 Clairmont Rd. • Decatur, GA 30033
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3 CE hours for each workshop
Certificate awarded for attendance at all 6

Overall Program Summary

This series will bring together concepts that integrate spiritual issues into a therapeutic context. Participants will come away with perspectives that will deepen their understanding, greater insight into their clients spiritual and psychological lives, and specific interventions to use when appropriate to clients who struggle with faith and finding meaning.

Feb 3

Finding a Moral Compass in Troubled Times

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Carol Pitts, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, CPCS
Jackson Rainer, Ph.D., ABPP


This workshop will explore the dynamics of working at the intersection of contentious, national discourse and the intrapsychic and interpersonal struggles of our clients. Together we will look at values that are shaping our cultural context and that are affecting and infecting the lives of the adults, couples, teens, and children we see. We will explore the ethics of care in the context of intrapersonal, interpersonal and familial dynamics.

Learning Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify conflicting values that shape the national discourse.
  2. Identify ways in which these values are challenging the clients we work with.
  3. Gain clarity on the ethical issues at stake in responding to clients who express values that contradict our own.
  4. Develop strategies to help clients navigate family dynamics stressed by the national discourse.

March 3

Healing the Spirit by Attending to the Body

Kristy Aspinwall, LPC, CCTP
Stephanie Foxman, APC, Certified Yoga Instructor
Rev. Kim Sorrells, Certified Yoga Instructor
Melanie Storrusten, LCSW, Certified Yoga Instructor


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This workshop will help participants understand the consequences of trauma and spiritual wounding, and the manifestations in physical stress and maladaptive symptoms. They will learn about the research supporting mindfulness and attention to the body as a healing tool for therapeutic work. Specific interventions will make use of mindfulness techniques, yoga, meditation and other body-work—practices that have historically been connected with spiritual growth, and now are shown to support progress in therapy.

Learning Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the effect trauma has on how the survivor relates to his/her body and self.
  2. Describe the evidence-based results of healing the mind-body connection through yoga.
  3. Describe the evidence-based results of healing the mind-body connection through meditation.
  4. Explain trauma’s impact on spirituality and healing spiritual wounds.
  5. Apply demonstrated interventions with clients.

April 7

Healing Creatively Through the Arts

Debonee Morgan, LMFT, Certified Spiritual Director
Émilie Ellis, LAMFT
Orion Crook, LPC
Murray Dabby, LCSW


This workshop will explore the therapeutic benefits of creative expression, and how using client creativity and imagination can spark emotional connection to self and a Higher Power (by client’s understanding). By using music, poetry, visual art and improvisation interaction, presenters will demonstrate useful tools for helping clients get in touch with their own voices, and express meaningful ideas and emotions.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, participants will:

  1. Explore how creativity ignites the healing process.
  2. Identify specific interventions to remove emotional barriers to the creative process.
  3. Experience how engaging with the arts and music can connect us with something bigger than ourselves.
  4. Identify specific interventions to help clients use creative methods to name and heal pain and suffering.

May 5

Healing Spiritual Wounds in Communities of Color

Rev. Julius Jessup Peterson, LCSW
Pamela Epps, Ph.D.
Rev. Percy Johnson


This workshop will explore the history and definitions of systemic racism and its effects on clients and clinicians. Through experiential exercises, participants will be able to identify their own potential blind spots and understand the implications of interpersonal and cultural biases. Also covered will be the spiritual aspects of the wounding of identity.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, participants will:

  1. Learn the historical development of systemic racism and its continuing effects on the mental health of communities of color.
  2. Explore their own implicit bias and its on impact on their clients through role-play and experiential exercises.
  3. Learn a framework for addressing spiritual wounds that contribute and are caused by systemic racism.

June 2

Healing Spiritual Wounds in the LGBTQ Community

Debonee Morgan, LMFT, Certified Spiritual Director
Rev. Julius Jessup Peterson, LCSW
Steve Alper, APC
Rev. Kim Sorrells


This workshop will explain the basics of language and constructs of queer people’s identities and expression of self. Presenters will address specific trauma and wounding that occurs as a result of coming out, particularly in faith communities and families where religious belief creates barriers in relationship.

Learning Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe appropriate language around identities and expressions of gender and sexuality.
  2. Understand institutional homophobia, transphobia and microaggressions, particularly in faith communities.
  3. Identify specific interventions for celebrating diverse identities and healing spiritual trauma.

July 7

Healing Through Community Partnerships: Interfaith Panel

Debonee Morgan, LMFT, Certified Spiritual Director
Presenters from the Interfaith Speakers Bureau


This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of a variety of faith traditions, including Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, in the voices of representatives from each faith. Each will introduce the fundamentals of their beliefs and practices, and answer questions about issues that may present in a clinical setting (e.g. family relationships, sexuality, dating, career, mental health diagnosis).

Learning Objectives

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify basic tenets of various faith traditions, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism.
  2. Describe how faith issues create or inform therapeutic issues.
  3. Apply interventions that are specific to and respectful of clients’ faith traditions.

3 core hours of CE credit applied for each workshop from the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, and Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. You must be on time and stay for the entire event to receive CE credit.

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